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A magnificent country located between Asia, Europe and the Middle East— Turkey is truly incredible.

The combination of all three neighboring regions contributes to Turkey’s rich history, culture, architecture and fashion, giving it its own unique twist.

In Turkey, you will see bustling Muslim Mosques situated harmoniously right next to Christian churches. Scattered all across the region, you will encounter ruins of various civilizations from Greek and Lycian to Roman and Ottoman. There is absolutely no place like Turkey!

There are tons of reasons why Turkey needs to be your next travel destination, and here are some of them to nudge you in the right direction:

Turkish Cuisine

A mix of the most scrumptious food from Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Turkey has the most delicious food to offer.

Apart from the well-known shish kebab, their traditional food includes a variety of dishes inspired from the tastes of their neighbors.

Some of their most popular traditional dishes include Turkish pancakes called Gozleme, stuffed vegetables known as Dolma, spicy meatballs named Kofte Durum and an incredibly tasty dish that consists of vine leaves with rice, pepper and date stuffing, known as Sarma. Oh and don’t forget to treat your sweet tooth with baklawa and halwa.

Turkish Thrills

If you’re an adventure lover, Turkey is the place for you! Enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter, hiking and rock climbing in the spring. The summer is just perfect for cruising around the Mediterranean.

Ride the waves as you go river rafting in the world’s fastest flowing river, Coruh River, fly high across the city in a hot air balloon in Cappudocia, explore the world heritage site Pamukkale or hike along the scenic Turqoise coast. Turkey has a thrilling adventure awaiting everyone!

Turkish Retail Therapy

From local bazaars to handicraft stalls, farmers markets to high end luxurious brands, Turkey is a paradise for shopaholics! Fresh spices, designer dresses, and handmade rugs – you name it and Turkey has it!

Looking to shop till you drop? Turkey is the place for you!

Turkish Culture

Turkey has actually been invaded multiple times. Residence to former Romans, Greeks, early Christians, Muslims, Byzantines and so many more civilizations! Needless to say, everyone who came gave in a little of themselves to the culture and history of Turkey, making it so culturally rich today.

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