M Darwish Al Nabhan

Darwish is a Seattle-based photographer and creative director. For 15 years. After a successful career in management, his hobby of photography turned into his life’s calling. Darwish photographic activities include shooting landscapes, cityscape and lifestyle, street and wildlife photography, sports photography and fine art photography.


Darwish also shoots in the studio, including food and portraits, fashion and styling. Darwish was a member of the international photography association. and member of the Arab Photographers Union. Darwish has become one of the leading photography educators in the United Arab Emirates.

Prakash Singh

Prakash is a Sony Middle East Alpha photographer, UPI Gold Medal winner, Finalist - Sony World Photography Award 2015, Haida & Fotopro Brand ambassador.


His work has been published on several websites and magazines including Digital Photographer, Camerapixo, Livemint, to name a few.

Prakash is a person who wants to enjoy all the genre of photography as he says “if you haven’t done it you are missing the fun of it” but his favorite types are Landscape, Wildlife, Architecture, Black & white fine Art photography.

Ivan Kyryk

Ivan is a destination photographer based in Ukraine. For the last seven years, he is dedicated to photography.  He enjoys meeting new people around the world and capturing their relations; that’s why he mostly works with couples and families.

He did more than  500 wedding photo shootings in the most beautiful parts of Ukraine. This experience gives him an understanding of the best places for taking pictures, and the route of this trip will show the best in Ukraine. His favorite time for shooting is sunset, and it became part of his style.

Shivang Mehta

Best selling author of ‘A Decade with Tigers' and Author of 'Chasing Horizons : Learnings from Africa' and "Leopards & Shepherds of Jawai' International Award winning wildlife photographer, Shivang Mehta has donned many hats in his long career journey, including that of a Journalist and a PR Professional. 


Having conducted over 1000 wildlife photography workshops and tours, along with many unique wildlife events and mentoring over a thousand amateur and professional wildlife photographers, Shivang specialises in photographing rare species and camera trap technology. The author is also a Canon Ambassador, a Columbia Athlete and has been published in numerous national and international publications. 

Nick Arundel

Nick Arundel is a professional photographer and Canon ambassador, born and raise in London and learn photography since a film camera, in 2016 he traveled around the world for fourteen months visiting twenty-eight countries.

The traditional of each country guide him to realize how much this changing world has to offer for photographers.

His epic journey reaches to end In 2018 when he decided to call UAE his final home, and since that time, he has set out to capture the best landscapes, cityscapes and street photography possible. 

In 2019 he becomes a Canon Ambassador and Story Teller, where he conducts numerous seminars and workshops throughout the UAE on travel and landscape photography. He starts giving advises on the best tips and tricks to get the best out of your photography.

Each trip offered him plenty of fantastic photographs, and each culture gives him millions of creative ideas to tell his story through his lenses.

Shatabdi Chakrabarti

Shatabdi Chakrabarti has been a media professional for the past 14 years. She started her career with NDTV and has worked extensively in both the advertisement and documentary space.


Her passion for photography has won her a number of accolades; she won the Conservation Issues category at the NiF Photography Awards 2018 and her work was exhibited at the India Art Fair 2019. Shatabdi writes for Tattoo Cultr, India’s only online tattoo magazine and has been researching the vanishing culture of traditional tattooing of Indian tribes.

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